Energy Stories


The purpose of Energy Stories is to help empower you to take a new approach to the world around us. Clearly, the decisions we make in our daily lives have a far reaching impact on the resources, plants, animals, and people with whom we share this planet.

Yes, large structures, such as power grids and internet networks have their place. But I believe that people like you and me, working on our own and in small, face to face groups are the key to making the changes we need to make - for all of us to survive together on earth.

But if we're stuck feeling a lot of fear and guilt about ourselves and what's going on now, I don't think we can be as effective as we need to be to face these challenges. And, we won't have as much fun doing it!

So this web site has two purposes. One is to present information about what people are doing as they change how they live. The other is to help us all to understand, forgive, and resolve issues and feelings within ourselves (and between ourselves and others) that can sometimes hold us back.

You can learn more by watching our Introduction and viewing the Sermon, "Forgiveness in the Age of Climate Change."

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