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This page lists changes made to this web site, in date order.

Changes Made
30 March 2009
Revised the Main page, moved original text to the 'Why' page; simplified other text.
18 November 2008
Added a paragraph to the Energy Myths topic page
11 November 2008
Added a Blog page, made first entry to explain why updates to this web site have stopped for awhile.
17 October 2008
Minor adjustments to Main, Topics, & Our House Goes Solar pages.
11 October 2008
Added YouTube version of the Intro.
6 October 2008
Added "Is There Enough Sun" and "Solar Collector Arrangement" video segments to the Our House Series.
23 September 2008
Minor changes to the Our House and Support pages.
19 September 2008
Finally posted "Our House - A Little Hot Water" video.
14 September 2008
Reformatted the Topics page. Added the Thermodynamics and Speedometer for your house topic ideas to it. Changed wording on a few other pages. Added the Energy Smackdown topic page.
10 September 2008
Revised home page; added donation buttons to Support page; revised contact page slightly. Revised the main Our House series page, revised the first three pages in the Our House series and added photographs.
7 September 2008
Added two topics pages, Myths, and Physics without the numbers.
5 September 2008
Added direct link to sermon on home page; added people to the About Us page. Added the video to the Intro page (finally!)
4 September 2008
Added video of sermon to sermon page.
2 September 2008
Changed wording of site contents on home page. Added columns on Stories page.
29 August 2008
Added link to Sermon on Topics page (as well as Stories page)
26 August 2008
Revised the Support page.
25 August 2008
Added Considerations and Decision pages to the Our house series, with text. Changed the Video Series Page to "The Stories" and added the Making Our Oil Last page. Later, added video to the Making our Oil Last page.
22 August 2008
Revised Support page and added donation button, added link to Support page on the Running out of Oil page. Added Sermon page.
18 August 2008
Added first video on You Tube: Running out of Oil in the Our House Series
17 August 2008
Added Topics, Video Series, & Video Intro pages, reorganized home page
25 July 2008
Added 'About Us' page
8 July 2008
Created the site, added home page & counter

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