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Our House Goes Solar Series

Front View of House

I was telling some friends of mine, "You know, we're having our entire heating system ripped out of the house. The oil tank, the boiler, the pipes, the radiators, all of it will be gone!" So they wanted to know, "What are you going to do for heat?" I told them, "We're going to have evacuated tube solar collectors on the roof, heat storage tanks in the basement, and fan coil convectors in our rooms." Almost everybody wanted to know more about it. They asked me to keep them up to date on how it was going. So I created this page to tell all about our project. Just scroll down to see the segments. Enjoy!

Heating System     Insulation  
Title Content   Title Content
Impetus Text   Insulation & Leaks  
Considerations Text & Photo   Windows  
Decision Text & Photos      
Is there enough sun on our roof? Video      
Running out of oil! Video      
Making Our Oil Last Video      
A Little Hot Water Video      
Gas Service Installed Video      
The oil tank goes & a slight snag Video      
Out with the old boiler, pipes, radiators Video      
Heating the Rooms Video      
Storage Tanks & the back up boiler        
Solar Collector Arrangement on Roof Video      
Solar Collector Tubes Installed        
Heat & Hot Water Photo      

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